In the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District


In the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District

Protecting New Yorkers Who Face Racketeering And Corruption Charges

The RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws were passed in an effort to crack down on organized crime. While the mob is still a target of RICO investigators, the laws are now used to prosecute a wide range of individuals and organizations. If you have been accused of racketeering or violating RICO laws, the experienced defense attorneys at Bachner & Associates, PC are here to stand up for your rights. Our firm has represented attorneys and securities firm principals charged with both federal RICO charges and state Organized Crime Control Act charges.

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Fighting RICO Charges

At Bachner & Associates, PC, we represent people and organizations facing a wide range of criminal charges, including those facing allegations of racketeering and RICO violations. Since the purpose of the RICO statutes is to discourage organizations from engaging in patterns of illegal activity, the penalties for these crimes are more severe than non-racketeering charges.

These statutes were originally intended to punish hardened members of the mob. Since the scope has been widened to include people engaging in any sore of business, non-violent, first-time offenders are often forced to face unreasonably severe criminal penalties.

Racketeering Defense

Types of organizations targeted for RICO violations today include:

  • Corporations
  • Brokerage houses
  • Medical practices
  • Insurance firms

Our attorneys have significant experience representing individuals and businesses facing RICO charges. As former prosecutors, we know how the opposition will try to build a case against you. As elite criminal defense lawyers, we know how to tear their cases down.

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