Insider trading: What exactly is it?

Residents of New York may hear about insider trading happening in their home state often. This is an understandable assumption as New York City is the country's economic hub. However, insider trading can occur in any part of the country at any time. But what exactly...

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What to know about Ponzi schemes

If you have been a victim of financial fraud in New York, it could take years to put your life back together. Therefore, it is important that you understand the nature of a Ponzi scheme or other attempts to take your hard-earned money. Common elements of a Ponzi...

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What is overtrading?

Overtrading, which is commonly called churning, is an illegal practice that can cause you to lose money as an investor. Though this is prohibited and your broker should never do it, if they have control of your money and your account, you need to know what red flags...

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How to prove securities fraud

Even the most lucrative investors can lose money from time to time. In addition, all financial advisors can make mistakes when it comes to predicting the health of the market. This is why all investment losses cannot be automatically attributed to a case of securities...

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