In the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District


In the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District

2021 securities fraud statistics

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Securities fraud in New York is a serious crime and one with grave consequences. There are suitable reasons to avoid such fraud and make sure you litigate correctly if accused. The statistics make the need to invest fairly evident. Be mindful that the Security and Exchange Commission doesn’t have a track record of false accusations. The investigations it forwards are costly and pursued under strict guidance.

46 months

Securities are tradable assets that are financial in nature. Those fraudulently trading or stealing securities pay a serious price. Forty-six months, which is just under four years, is the average sentence given to convicted investors.


Consider your career because the more seasoned you are, the more you’ll encounter invitations into fraud. Fraud is usually achieved by entities that have privileged access. Their influence over the markets is a leading factor, and 52 is the average age of those convicted.

84.5% American citizens

United States securities are available to anyone with money to invest. Global investors, however, need to first buy US dollars. Unlike their American counterparts, foreigners don’t encounter a network of US influencers. Those more likely to commit fraud are, therefore, Americans.

Cases covering an average of $2,170,607

The SEC is focused on every fraudulent transaction, but the stats show that this class of crime is achieved by heavy hitters. With over $2 million as the average sum regarding securities theft, it’s no surprise that the schemes you find are highly complex.

Securities in New York

There is no easy way out of securities fraud, so having a competent lawyer at your side is essential. The SEC, in general, pursues the cases that it’s sure it’ll win. In fact, 86% of all of those brought to court will be convicted on their charges.


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