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October 2017 Archives

Know the specifics about your defense possibilities

The criminal justice system is often mystifying to the people who are facing charges. You need to be able to think clearly about what options you have for handling the matter so that you can decide what you feel is best. We can help you find out what kinds of strategies you might employ in your case.

You need to understand the role of the grand jury

The trail that leads to white collar criminal charges is usually a lengthy one. The prosecution isn't likely going to act on information presented to it unless there is evidence to back the claims that were made. In many cases, an investigation is conducted. The evidence gathered during that process is handed over to a grand jury.

Signs that you might be participating in telemarketing fraud

Telemarketing fraud is something that is very serious. For people who use the telephone to make sales and handle customer contact, there is a fine line to walk regarding how you handle these calls. Missteps and misstatements can lead to accusations of telemarketing fraud.

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