Signs that you might be participating in telemarketing fraud

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Telemarketing fraud is something that is very serious. For people who use the telephone to make sales and handle customer contact, there is a fine line to walk regarding how you handle these calls. Missteps and misstatements can lead to accusations of telemarketing fraud.

There are some signs of telemarketing fraud that you need to know if you are in the telemarketing field. Knowing these can help you avoid situations in which you might face telemarketing fraud charges.

One sign that something is a telemarketing fraud scheme is that the company doesn’t comply with the National Do Not Call Registry. Some companies might give employees reason why they are calling people who state they are on the list; however, it is illegal for telemarketers to call people on this list.

Another sign is that the telemarketer has to pressure the person by telling them that the offer is only good if they take action right now. It is normal for there to be some urgency, but there shouldn’t be an undue amount of pressure placed on the person you call.

A third sign is that there are “free” gifts or prizes that the person can get in exchange for making a purchase or giving sensitive information right away. Oftentimes, the prize or gift is disproportionate to the purchase or offer. The free gift or prize might even require that the person pay a handling fee or postage fee.

Telemarketing fraud charges are federal charges that are handled by the Federal Trade Commission. You must take these charges very seriously and take the time necessary to explore your defense options. Waiting until the last minute isn’t a good idea in these cases.

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