Can a police officer lie to you?

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You’re being investigated for embezzlement. You maintain your innocence, but the police know for a fact that money was taken from your company — a substantial amount — and they believe you are a suspect. 

As this plays out, the police bring you in for an interview, as they call it. They begin to talk to you and ask you to answer some questions honestly. When they say this, you wonder if it’s a double standard. They want you to be honest, but can they lie?

The police can lie and they often do so in these interviews

In short, yes, the police can and do lie to people. They do it a lot during these interviews. It can be quite effective, especially with young people, but they can use it on anyone. 

For instance, they may lie about evidence that they have. They’ll tell you that you’re on video stealing the money. They will say that they can easily prove it, so you might as well confess and you may be given a more lenient sentence. They could also lie and tell you that someone else who was in on the scheme has already confessed and named you as the other person who was involved. 

What they’re trying to do is simple: They want you to admit what you did because you think they’ve already cracked the case. This is so effective that they have even tricked people into confessing to things that they did not do, all by lying to them. 

So what should you do?

This is just one reason why it’s important to remember your right to remain silent and your right to a lawyer. You can protect yourself from these tricks when you know what options you have for your defense.

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