Identity fraud comes in various forms

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Many activities that people do on a regular basis require them to identify themselves. It’s imperative that you only provide your information when you’re asked to do so. Giving someone else’s information instead of your own could lead to criminal charges of identity fraud or theft.

While it might not seem like that big of a deal to provide someone else’s identifying information, it can lead to serious problems for that person and you. There are several ways that identity fraud may occur. 

Identity fraud on applications

Applications for mortgages, credit cards, loans and financial accounts must include accurate information. Stating the wrong name and other identifying information could lead the financial institution to approve something that would otherwise be denied. This may lead to financial hardship for the company. 

Identity fraud in transactions

Using someone else’s information to receive privileges could lead to identity fraud charges. This could be something as simple as using their name to get into a private club or something similar. Oftentimes, this is done so the person can receive access to paid services. It’s also possible for it to occur in order to withdraw money from a financial account or commit insurance fraud.

Being charged with identity fraud is a serious matter. It’s imperative that you take the time to explore your options for addressing the case if you’re facing this type of charge. Oftentimes, these cases involve a considerable paper trail so be sure to consider that as you’re working on a defense strategy. Starting the planning as early as possible can help you to avoid a rushed strategy that doesn’t encompass the points that might help your side of the matter the most. 

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