In the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District


In the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District

Suspect faces murder charges after a drug dealer is killed

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

A 23-year-old male from the Bronx is facing murder charges after he allegedly murdered a drug dealer. It is believed that he acted with an accomplice, who the police are still looking for.

The incident took place in Fordham Heights in the late evening of July 11. It is believed that the 23-year-old male and the other suspect were in the process of purchasing drugs from the dealer. After the deal went sour, they allegedly ambushed the victim and shot him in the back when he tried to escape the scene.

What drugs were involved?

It is alleged that the two suspects were buying narcotics from the victim, who was 31 years old.

Where did the incident take place?

The incident occurred in the lobby of an apartment building on the corner of Field Place and Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

Was there any clear motive?

It’s believed that one of the suspects attempted to rob the drug dealer at gunpoint. When the robbery attempt failed because the victim attempted to flee the scene, the murder occurred.

What are the consequences of murder charges?

This incident goes to show how quickly a relatively minor criminal act, such as buying and selling narcotics, can quickly escalate. Being found guilty of murder can lead to life imprisonment. Additionally, there are aggravating factors that can be applied to murder charges. These aggravating factors include situations in which the murder took place during the commission of a violent crime such as robbery.

Even the most violent crime allegations can be aided by a strong criminal defense team. All suspects have the right to defend themselves before they are charged.


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