Defending against accusations of insider fraud

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One of the most worrying threats that businesses face today is the threat of a cyberattack. Hackers pose legitimate threats to businesses because they can commit cybercrime and cyberterrorism, causing huge financial losses. This is why large companies invest huge amounts into protecting themselves through cybersecurity.

While external threats to companies are significant, it is becoming increasingly common for internal members of a company to commit cybercrimes either on behalf of an external party or in a personal capacity. Internal members have the potential to pose an even bigger threat because of the access they have to sensitive files.

Understandably, companies take any inappropriate action from an employee very seriously. If they suspect that an individual has been involved in attempting insider fraud, they will be likely to file legal charges.

Insider fraud does pose a huge threat, but it is common for innocent employees to be accused of such crimes when they are, in fact, innocent. If you have been accused of insider fraud, it is important that you take swift action to aggressively defend yourself. Doing so will help you to protect your career and your reputation. The following are some ways that you can successfully do this.

Show that there was a lack of fraudulent intent

No matter what type of action you took, if you can show that you had no intent to commit fraud or to cause harm, you cannot be charged with the crime. Many people accidentally access sensitive documents by mistake. Others have their accounts compromised by third parties.

Show that there was no loss

Another line of defense is showing that the action you took posed no threat to your company. If, for example, your company thought it to be suspicious that you accessed certain files, if your accessing of them posed no real threat to the company and you took no action after accessing them, you cannot be charged with fraud.

Fraud is a broad term that can be attributed to many different types of behavior and circumstances. You should take action to learn more about how the laws in New York apply to your specific circumstances. Don’t let a false accusation affect your chance of moving forward positively in your career.

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