How to prove securities fraud

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Even the most lucrative investors can lose money from time to time. In addition, all financial advisors can make mistakes when it comes to predicting the health of the market. This is why all investment losses cannot be automatically attributed to a case of securities fraud.

However, securities fraud in some form or other is more common than many might expect. This fraudulent activity can be well-disguised, so many investors fail to detect this misconduct, even when they have continued to lose huge amounts of money. If you believe that you have fallen victim to securities fraud in New York, it is important that you look into your options in being able to prove the illegal activity.

Proving the occurrence of securities fraud

The difficulty that many securities fraud victims have is being able to successfully show that they were a victim of something more than simply bad advice. They need to show that a broker or financial advisor either recklessly or intentionally caused them to suffer financial damages.

You may be able to show that this was the case by giving direct evidence. This may be evidence of the accused person knowingly lying, or evidence of conflicting interests. Alternatively, you may have indirect evidence that could contribute to the case. This could be information to suggest that the broker should have known that the advice they were given was incorrect or misinformed.

If you have suffered financial damages due to making investments based on poor advice, you may be a victim of securities fraud. It is important that you get justice and hold fraudulent advisors responsible for their actions.

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