Bribery scandal rocks colleges across the country

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It is notoriously difficult to get into schools like Yale and Stanford, but some parents felt like they had found a way around it. A bribery scandal recently broke in the news, showing that many parents essentially bought their kids’ way into prestigious schools all over the country.

Many of the schemes allegedly included athletic coaches, who would then hand out scholarships or help people get in by connecting them with a team that they never really made. Millions of dollars changed hands. So far, around 50 different people are facing charges for their part in it, though, it is far from over.

So, what happens to the students? Do they get to stay in school? That’s a decision being made by each school, but some of them have decided to take action. For instance, Yale allegedly handed out “bogus athletic endorsements” to a pair of students, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). One of those students then got admitted. Yale has since decided to rescind that admission.

“When applicants sign their applications, they attest that the contents are true and complete,” the president of the university wrote. “Although I do not comment on specific disciplinary actions taken with respect to an individual student, our longstanding policy is to rescind the admission of students who falsified their Yale College applications.”

At least one student was linked to the former soccer coach, who allegedly obtained about $400,000 to let that student in even though she had no soccer experience.

These types of accusations can carry stiff legal ramifications and can massively impact a person’s career. It’s important for everyone involved to know all the legal rights they have.

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