Stolen prescription pad: Next steps to take

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Pharmacists are responsible for prescribing medication to patients. They can prescribe a wide range of opioids, and as a result, their prescription pads occasionally become targets of theft for addicts looking to have a reliable source of the drug. 

If patients acquire medication through a stolen prescription pad, then you could face charges of illegal dispensation if you do not alert the proper authorities. It is for this reason you want to take prompt action as soon as you discover your prescription pad is not around. 

Take steps to prevent someone from stealing the pad in the first place

It can be easy for pharmacists to fall into a routine after a while, but it is critical to always make sure to secure your prescription pad. You want to keep it in a place only you know and have access to. You should not allow other employees at the pharmacy to write out prescriptions, because you never know how reliable someone truly is. 

You should also use sequential numbering with your prescription pad. It is possible someone will try to steal just one page to secure drugs instead of taking the entire pad. The thief will hope you do not realize you lost a single sheet. However, even when one sheet remains unaccounted for, you want to alert the proper authorities. 

Take swift action once you realize you lost the pad

In the event you lost your prescription pad, you want to inform New York state’s pharmacy organization. This organization can assist you with filing a fraud claim. 

You also need to inform the local police department and the local DEA office immediately. You want to retain all communications you have with these offices in case you need to refer to them later in court. You may receive notifications from pharmacies that received stolen pad sheets. You should request a copy of every single prescription used. You should relay these copies to the police and DEA. 

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