Learn the elements of a charge; use them for your defense plan

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In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the elements that must be present in an aggravated assault charge. This is something that isn’t limited only to that charge. All criminal charges have elements that must be present in the case in order for the charge to stick.

Learning about the elements of a charge that you are facing is one of the first steps that you can take to get to work on a defense. Because the laws in New York are so complex, we can help you to sift through the laws that apply to your case so that you can determine which elements must be present in order for the prosecution to launch a successful case against you.

When you are preparing a defense, you might notice that one or more elements isn’t there. You can bring this up in your defense. In some cases, this might be the sliver of doubt that you need for the jury to find you not guilty. Of course, things aren’t ever a sure thing in criminal justice cases so you need to weigh your options heavily before you solidify your plan.

We can help you find a plan for defense that shows your side of the case and that introduces doubt about the prosecution’s claims. Looking into the events and evidence in the case can help us find a good starting point. The need to work through everything thoroughly is one reason why you can’t put off getting your defense started. You don’t want to stand before a jury with an ill-prepared case.

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