Your defense strategy can’t be a hodgepodge of points

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All criminal charges must be taken very seriously by the defendant. Unfortunately, this country has become pretty complacent when it comes to criminal defense matters. This can actually harm the defendant because their case might hinge on nothing more than a hodgepodge of guesswork.

It is imperative that you allow us as much time to work on your case as possible. It is usually better to get started on a defense strategy months before a criminal trial begins instead of throwing something together on the walk to the courtroom. You don’t want to go into a trial looking like you took the charges lightly and never worked on a defense.

We understand that human nature might tell you to just ignore the criminal charges since they are a negative event in your life. This is something that you shouldn’t ever do because you can actually cause yourself to miss out on some of the options you would have had to resolve the case.

One thing that you have to remember in all criminal matters is that the burden falls on the prosecution. Your defense’s purpose is only to introduce doubt about the prosecution’s claims against you. Presenting an alibi or showing why the alleged criminal activity wasn’t actually illegal can help you to do this.

We are here to help you find out what you might be able to do for your case. We will work with you to try to meet your goals for the case. This won’t always be easy and it might take some work, but we will stand by you the entire case.

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