Paperwork, evidence and options for your defense

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We recently discussed the case of the postal worker who is accused of white collar crimes based on her actions at the post office processing center. If you recall, she was convicted on identity theft and fraud. Both of these are serious crimes.

If you are facing white collar crimes of any sort, you need to find someone to work with you who is familiar with these cases. Oftentimes, these cases come with ample evidence to go through. Knowing what to look for as you review the evidence can help you to determine what you are going to do to address the evidence in your defense.

We understand that you might be hoping that the charges against you will be dropped. While this can occur, it isn’t very likely. This is especially true if your case falls under federal jurisdiction and you have to go up against a federal prosecutor in court.

No matter what kind of white collar crime you are being accused of, you can pretty much bank on there being paperwork involved in the case. This is one reason why you need to start your defense strategy as early as possible because you need time to go through it all. Trying to work through the possible defense options can give you an idea of where you stand.

Another thing for you to think about is how your actions might be perceived. There is a chance that you trying to cover up your actions actually led to a stronger case against you, which is something to plan for as you figure out what strategy will be used to defend you.

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