Tax crimes aren’t due to accidental problems

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There is a saying that there are only two sure things in life — death and taxes. Well, some people end up trying to skirt by without having to pay taxes. This is a decision that usually doesn’t end well. If you don’t pay taxes or don’t pay enough in taxes, there is a chance that you could face criminal charges.

When you don’t pay your taxes, you likely aren’t going to face criminal charges right from the start. Instead, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will give you a chance to make things right. It is usually much better for the government if you are willing to do this because of the time and resources that prosecuting these cases can take.

One thing that could lead to criminal charges from the get-go is if you are earning your income from illegal means. In that case, the government might opt to move forward with criminal charges much faster than in other cases.

There are several different types of tax-related charges that you can face. One of these is tax evasion. This occurs when you simply don’t file your taxes. Another is tax fraud, which means that you didn’t provide accurate information on your tax returns. In both cases, the actions have to be purposeful. That is, you can’t commit these crimes accidentally.

If you are facing criminal charges for tax evasion or tax fraud, you must get to work on your defense quickly. This can help you learn the options and have time to work on the option you choose. The government isn’t just going to forget about you, so don’t try to just ignore the issue.

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