Learn about defense options for white collar crimes

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White collar crimes come either from intentional actions that a person performed that he or she knew were illegal or from actions that the person didn’t know were illegal when he or she did them. No matter which one of these instances your case falls under, you have the right to present a defense against the charges.

We understand that you have some concerns about your defense. It is imperative that you have a good understanding about what you are being accused of, as well as what penalties you are facing. This is especially important if you are facing considerable time in prison.

You likely have some familiarity with what is going on with the accusations against you. Of course, there are instances in which a person is framed and honestly won’t know anything. In those cases, you might have to start your investigation from scratch.

We know that with your freedom at stake, you want to have the best shot possible at being found not guilty or at least not having to spend a long time in prison. Whether your case is due to an honest mistake or because of an intentional act, we can help you to find out what options you have for your defense.

Another issue that comes into the picture has to do with where your charges are filed. Typically, federal prosecutors have considerable resources, which can give them an increased ability to find out facts for their side of the case. This might not be the case for state level prosecutors since they might have stricter limits on the resources that are available.

Ultimately, our job is to poke holes in the prosecution’s case against you. This can introduce reasonable doubt that might make the jury unable to convict you beyond a reasonable doubt.

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