Know your options for a white collar crime defense

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We recently discussed identity theft and how this white collar crime can be rather complex to defend against if the prosecution opts to pursue charges. The fact of the matter is that all white collar crimes have the possibility of being very complex. For this reason, you should make sure that you take the time to go through the possible defense points that might help you to defend against the charges.

White collar crimes often have a considerable paper trail with them. This is often the basis of the prosecution’s case. Determining how you are able defend yourself against each point in the case against you is important. The more questions we can introduce, the more of a chance that we are introducing reasonable doubt.

As you are probably aware, a jury would have to believe that you did the crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. As we prepare your case for trial, our goal is to introduce that doubt. There are various ways we can do that. We have to consider each option so that we can come up with a defense plan for your case.

Some white collar crime cases don’t end up going to trial. If you don’t want a trial, we can look into other options that might help us to get your case resolved prior to going to trial. This might be a plea deal or a pretrial diversion program.

Each case we handle is unique. We know that what works for one case isn’t necessarily going to be right for the next. We can evaluate your case and help you learn the options you have for your defense.

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