War against white collar crimes may intensify, according to experts

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A group of distinguished academic and legal professionals from throughout the world gathered recently to discuss current enforcement efforts against white collar crime. According to those attending this meeting, these enforcement efforts are failing to properly hold those who are accused of committing these crimes accountable for their actions. As a result, these professionals contend that enforcement efforts are failing to properly deter these crimes.

What does this mean for the future of enforcement efforts when it comes to white collar crime? This finding will likely result in a push for increased enforcement efforts here in the United States.

The former chief of the frauds bureau and the deputy chief of the investigations division at the New York County district attorney’s office was part of this group. He told the New York Times that he wants to “impose serious fines and penalties on corporations” that are guilty of these crimes. He voiced concerns that liability often ended well before those who actually made the criminal decisions were held accountable.

What changes could follow? The piece calls for two main changes. First, it calls for a shift in how society views these crimes. Instead of simply viewing them as financial crimes or white collar crimes, these professionals were calling for them to be referred to with titles that would result in increased social stigma. Titles like stealing.

Second, a call for increased fines, as noted by the Times piece above, is also recommended.

What does this mean for those facing allegations of white collar crimes? Allegations of committing a white collar crime can be extremely damaging. In addition to the potential criminal penalties that can apply if the charges become a conviction, the social stigma is also harsh.

The current social stigma can impact the career and business of those facing these charges. An increase in this stigma could be crippling.

What options are available for those facing white collar crime charges? Those facing these charges should take the allegations seriously. In many cases, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. This legal professional can review the details of the allegations and work to better ensure a more favorable outcome.

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