An early start is necessary for identity theft defenses

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2016 | White Collar Crimes |

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the specifics of identity theft. For those who have been charged with this crime, there is often considerable information that has been gathered by the prosecution that works to show that the person charged was the person who did the deeds. That means that you will need to work carefully and diligently on your defense.

Typically, the investigations into white collar crimes like identity theft begin long before the charges are placed. If you know that you are being investigated, you need to get started on a defense then. This can help you if you end up being charged since some of the work will already be done on your defense. It can also help you to ensure that your rights are protected during the investigation process.

We know that you might not have known you were doing anything illegal when you were going about what you thought were normal activities. You might not even have knowledge of the events in which you are accused of participating. Even in that case, it is crucially important for you to get a jumpstart on your defense. We need to look into what has occurred that makes the prosecution believe that you are to blame.

Once we know where the accusations are based, we can move forward with deciding how to answer those accusations. If things are being taken out of context or misconstrued, we can address that. We can also help to make sure that what you say during interactions with the police officers is said as it is meant to be.

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