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September 2016 Archives

Identity theft charges demand a prepared defense

Pretending to be someone else is something that should only occur when you are a child who is playing make believe. When you are an adult, pretending to be someone else can be construed as a criminal act because of laws aimed at stopping identity fraud. If you have been accused of identity fraud and find yourself in front of a judge, you should be ready to defend yourself against those charges.

Know the juries that might make decisions on your case

Facing criminal charges is something that can either go very quickly or it can take time. One of the factors that determines how quickly a case moves through the criminal justice system is the jury. There are actually two different types of juries that can be a part of cases that are moving through the criminal justice system -- trial juries and grand juries. It is important that you understand the role each jury has because they are very different.

Attempt to recoup financial losses from securities fraud

Securities fraud is a serious crime that is far from victimless. The victims of securities fraud can often end up as prey for stockbrokers and other people who are slick talkers. For victims of securities fraud, the humiliation and monetary losses are often great. These victims do have certain methods that can be employed to try to recoup the money they lost.

New York Citys sees nearly 30 percent spike in pot arrests

A watchdog group in New York City, the Police Reform Organizing Project, reports that arrests by New York City Police Department officers for possessing marijuana are up 29 percent for the first half of 2016 when compared to the first half of 2015.

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