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July 2016 Archives

Criminal charges filed against banking giant executives

It isn't often that you hear about bank executives facing criminal charges, but that is the reality of life for two executives from HSBC. The banking giant has been investigated for money laundering and mortgage fraud. Typically, the bank has simply paid money and things have been handled that way.

Medicaid fraud, computer analytics and false allegations

Medicaid fraud is, essentially, the illegal practice of seeking payment from the Medicaid system. The Obama Administration aimed to reduce Medicaid fraud throughout the country. Although a noble goal, there are concerns that the methods used could result in false allegations of fraudulent practices by medical professionals.

What should I know about plea bargains?

Some people who are facing criminal charges want to get the matter taken care of quickly. Generally, it is much faster for a defendant to resolve a criminal matter through a plea deal instead of having to go through the trial process. Another option is to plead guilty to all the charges against you, which enables the judge to hand down a sentence to resolve your case.

Securities fraud is a wide-ranging criminal allegation

When we talk about securities fraud, you might think immediately of insider trading. Insider trading occurs when someone uses confidential information that is not available to the public to make investment and trade decisions. Knowing about this type of information ahead of a public release gives insiders an unfair competitive edge in the marketplace, which is why this type of activity is illegal.

How a Ponzi scheme works

A Ponzi scheme is an investment scheme that creates the illusion of wealth. It is often advertised as an investment tactic that is nearly too good to miss. People will often talk about how it can do well even when the economy is doing poorly, so the results are guaranteed and it appears that it's a safe bet.

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