Corruption charges for 3 New York City police officials

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On Monday, June 20, three officials with the New York Police Department were arrested on charges of corruption. Two of the officials are accused of taking bribes of over $100,000, including a trip to Las Vegas, expensive game tickets and the services of a call girl.

These arrests are part of a federal probe that has currently led to five commanders being put on leave or receiving alternate assignments.

The indictment charged a deputy chief and a deputy inspector with conspiracy to commit fraud. Another arrest was a man who said he was a community liaison. His expensive gifts meant he received special privileges from the police. One such “privilege” was having one lane of the Lincoln Tunnel closed for a businessman who was visiting from overseas. That man, who was not identified, also received special access to the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. He was also able to receive his gun license quickly when the current process takes about a year.

The deputy inspector allegedly received a two-night hotel stay in Rome and a Las Vegas Super Bowl Weekend. He was allegedly flown on a private jet and received a call girl’s services.

The deputy commander received thousands of dollars’ worth of free meals, according to court papers, and tickets to see the New York Rangers and Brooklyn Nets.

The unidentified business man is cooperating with authorities and has already pleaded guilty.

Even those in law enforcement can face criminal charges. Each will need a strong defense against the conspiracy and other charges in order to mitigate the possible penalties.

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