20-year low for federal white collar crime

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The latest data released by the United States Justice Department indicates that federal white collar crime prosecutions are the lowest they have been in 20 years. As of February 2016, the government showed only 451 new white collar crime cases in a report that reviews federal government activity when it comes to fighting instances of white collar crime.

If the same month is reviewed for last year, thee current numbers represent a 14 percent drop in white collar crime prosecutions. Also, prosecutions are a great deal lower than five years ago. Compared to 2011, prosecutions have dropped by 34.4 percent.

When zeroing in on the statistics for February 2016, we can see what kinds of white collar fraud cases where the the most prevalent. Approximately 17.1 percent of the cases were categorized as Fraud-Federal Program. Approximately Fraud-Other represented 16.6 percent of the cases. Approximately 11.5 percent of the cases were fro Fraud-Tax. Approximately 10.9 percent were for Fraud-Financial Institution. Approximately 9.1 percent were for Fraud-Identity Theft-Aggravated. Approximately 6.9 percent were for Fraud-Health Care. Approximately 6.9 percent were fro Fraud-Identity Theft-Other, and the numbers continue to get smaller from there.

It is certainly good news to hear that federal white collar crime prosecutions are at an all-time low. However, many individuals are still being convicted of such offenses and they are no less serious. In fact, white collar fraud prosecutors will aggressively try to convict defendants, so it is important that defendants prepare themselves diligently in their criminal defenses. For that reason, defendants may wish to contract the services of an experienced white collar crime defense attorney.

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