We Take Action For Investors Who Encounter Nondisclosure Of Commissions

The investment market's success and that of stockbrokers, financial advisers and the investors they serve, relies on the fair and honest trading practices of all parties involved. Unfortunately, not every investment results in a return, and some individuals attempt to shift the balance in their favor through illegal means.

Our Experienced Attorneys Represent Victims Of Fraud

At Bachner and Weiner PC, we have vast experience in both defense against accusations of fraud and the pursuit of legal action against those who have misrepresented information or committed breach of fiduciary duty. This dual sided understanding has helped us more effectively represent defrauded investors whose losses related to the nondisclosure of commissions.

Contact us if you believe your financial adviser or stockbroker omitted crucial information about your investment — information that ultimately led to his or her collection of substantial commissions while you lost money. We will personally analyze your case to determine what legal actions will be most effective in holding these individuals accountable.

Nondisclosure Policies And What Your Broker Should Have Done

Investors who look to stockbrokers or brokerage firms for guidance through the investment process are not necessarily well-versed in the management of broker commissions and just how much money they would have to pay a broker.

Even if you had a discussion with your broker about the commission (amount of money the broker earns for completing and advising you on your trade), he or she may have left out pertinent details about just how much that commission would cost. Whether this omission was intentional or unintentional, it still likely led to more losses than you should have experienced.

Take Action Against Your Securities Professional

It is your broker's or brokerage firm's responsibility to make sure you understand and analyze the cost of your investment decisions. As New York City nondisclosure of commissions lawyers, we offer more than 30 years of experience in challenging cases.

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