Pursuing Justice When There Is A Breach Of Fiduciary Responsibility

Stockholders place not only money in the hands of investment professionals; they also give their trust. Unfortunately, not all stockbrokers take their responsibilities seriously and act recklessly or with selfish interests. These unscrupulous actions cause investors to lose money and to lose faith in the securities industry.

Experienced Securities Attorneys For Victims Of Stock Fraud

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Representing Investors In Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Cases

Securities is a highly-regulated field, and securities professionals are required to serve their clients interests with integrity and good faith. Their job is to keep clients informed about changes in the market and about any transactions performed on their behalf. Unfortunately, some brokers do not meet their professional obligations.

Fortunately, our legal system assumes that investment professionals have certain duties and obligations toward their investors, and offers defrauded investors options for taking legal action in cases of negligence or malpractice.

Bachner & Associates, P.C., Offers Experience And Insider's Knowledge

Having served as in-house counsel for a New York Stock Exchange-member brokerage firm, Michael Bachner is fully versed in securities regulations. If you believe your stockbroker has engaged in unauthorized trading, churning or other stock fraud schemes causing you to lose money, we may be able to help.

Since 1988, our attorneys have worked diligently to provide our clients with the representation they deserve and the results they desire. Our history of success clearly indicates that we are doing our job well, and we are intent on keeping that reputation for success.

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