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white collar crimes Archives

Understanding tax fraud

In the United States, tax law can be incredibly difficult to understand. That is because while the country has a number of laws on the books that punish people for attempting to evade taxes through fraudulent means, it remains perfectly legal to attempt to avoid taxes by structuring your business ventures in ways that make use of the various safe havens and incentives in the law. The line between the two activities can often seem unclear, though, so it can be helpful to know exactly where the IRS draws the line if you are going to be responsible for business taxes.

White collar crimes might include elderly victims

Fraud comes in many forms, but some cases put a very vulnerable population in danger. This occurs when the elderly are the victims. Some people hear that an elderly person was taken advantage of and they automatically think the worst of the person who is accused of the fraudulent activity. Of course, there can be more to the story than what meets the eye.

Mortgage fraud is a very serious matter

Mortgages are sometimes the biggest loans that a person will take out in a lifetime. The influx of money, even if it is earmarked for a house, can sometimes tempt people to do things that they wouldn't normally do. When there are untruths made during the process of obtaining a mortgage, it might be possible to face criminal charges for mortgage fraud.

Platinum Partners hedge fund managers arrested for fraud

While most people had never heard of Platinum Partners, the hedge fund provided terrific returns, often in the double digits. That's on par with some of the biggest hedge funds and investment groups in this industry, so the results were shockingly good. Some might even say they were unbelievably good.

Cargill accounting manager admits to $3.1 million theft

It's going to go down as one of the biggest embezzlement cases in New York history, if things stand as they look right now. An accounting manager who used to work for the agriculture company Cargill -- an absolute giant in that industry -- recently admitted to spending the last decade stealing right around $3.1 million.

What is the difference between larceny and embezzlement?

Both larceny and embezzlement have to do with theft. Someone who embezzles is usually in a position of trust and takes property belonging to another through deceptive means. Larceny involves unlawfully taking property and actually transporting it or carrying it away without the consent of the victim.

White collar crime cases are often very intense

Some white collar crimes are very difficult to recognize. In some cases, you might be committing a crime and not even realize it. In other cases, you might know that what you are doing is wrong, but you might not realize the it is actually breaking the law. We are here to help you determine how to fight back when you are facing charges, such as embezzlement or money laundering.

Former fire official reaches plea deal on $1 million embezzlement

After an investigation by state and federal authorities that lasted for nearly a year, a former official with the Patterson Fire Department has reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors over embezzlement and income tax fraud.

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