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white collar crimes Archives

Don't back down when you face white collar crime charges

The emotions you will feel when you are charged with a white collar crime are probably going to waver between disbelief, anger and regret. It might be tempting to wallow in those feelings, but it isn't wise to do so. Instead, you need to get up and take action. You must determine what options you have for a defense so that you can fight against these charges.

Beware of the temptation to open someone else's mail

When you go to check your mailbox, whether at work or at home, you might come across something that is addressed to another person. You should always remember to send those items back to the sender or to give the mail to the person listed on the address label. Failing to do so could land you in serious trouble.

Don't take a risk on a last-minute defense

White collar crimes are some that often come with considerable evidence against the person facing the charge. The paper trail in these cases is often lengthy, which can make it difficult to impossible to try to throw a defense plan together at the last minute. Instead of taking a risk on that, you need to start planning your defense as soon as you are aware that you are facing criminal charges.

You need to understand the role of the grand jury

The trail that leads to white collar criminal charges is usually a lengthy one. The prosecution isn't likely going to act on information presented to it unless there is evidence to back the claims that were made. In many cases, an investigation is conducted. The evidence gathered during that process is handed over to a grand jury.

Signs that you might be participating in telemarketing fraud

Telemarketing fraud is something that is very serious. For people who use the telephone to make sales and handle customer contact, there is a fine line to walk regarding how you handle these calls. Missteps and misstatements can lead to accusations of telemarketing fraud.

Employee theft: Stealing office supplies is still embezzlement

Embezzlement is a type of employee theft that companies and agencies regularly experience. Many embezzlers don't even see themselves as guilty of anything, let alone something that sounds so bluntly wrong, like "theft." That's because many office embezzlers go for the same items so often it's become a television trope — they steal office supplies.

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