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Criminal defense should include a well-planned strategy

There are many aspects of a criminal case that you must consider when you are facing charges. In all of these, it is imperative that you take an honest look at what is going on. Everything that you claim in your defense must be fully accurate. How those facts are presented might have an impact on your case. We can help you plan your defense strategy and we will help you determine how to present it all.

What's an implied waiver of your Miranda rights?

Law enforcement officials are required to read any suspect in their custody their Miranda rights prior to interrogating them. Some of the most important protections that officers are required to let a suspect know they have is to have an attorney present and to remain silent.

Learning about the charge against you is important

Many different things come into the picture when you are facing a criminal charge. Some of these have to do with the type of charge that is at the center of the case. It is important for anyone who is going through this to learn about the criteria for the charges. This might be a good place to start finding focal points for your defense strategy.

Small points might matter in embezzlement cases

Companies often entrust considerable amounts of money and assets to employees. When this happens, the company hopes that the people will act in an honorable and ethical manner. Unfortunately, not all employees can resist the temptations that come with handling these types of assets.

Sentencing is a complex process

White collar crimes of all sorts can come with jail time for a person who is convicted. The sentencing phase of the case is often very challenging for the defendants because of the unknown. You don't know for sure if the court is going to use you as an example and hand down a hard sentence or if you will be able to have a lighter sentence.

Remember these points about plea deals in criminal cases

Plea bargains can help defendants to get the criminal case finished without having to go through a trial. While some people might want to present their case to a trial jury, others might want to know what is going to happen. This is where a plea deal would come into the picture.

Criminal justice matters require you to protect your rights

No matter what type of legal matter you are facing, you have to make sure that you are protecting your rights and making decisions that you feel are in your best interests. A criminal justice case has to be taken very seriously because your freedom and ability to live in the manner you currently enjoy are at risk.

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