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White collar crime encompasses a vast array of situations

White collar crimes are sometimes thought of as victimless crimes because they don't have to do with physical violence. The truth is that every white collar crime does have a victim, and this point will often come up in court. If you are facing white collar crime charges, you should find out what you can about your charge so that you know what to do about your defense.

The circumstances surrounding the criminal acts determines what charge you are going to face. For example, you can face charges for mortgage fraud if you make false claims to obtain a loan on real estate. If you make fraudulent statements on your income taxes, you would face tax fraud charges.

It is important for the prosecution to charge you with the correct criminal charges. While it might not happen on a regular basis, it might be possible to use the fact that the circumstances of the crime don't meet all of the criteria for the criminal statute that is being used in the case.

One thing that makes many white collar crime cases unique is that they often come with a long paper trail. In order to prepare your defense, you will have to take the time to go through everything that you can get your hands on pertaining to the case. As you do this, you might find key points that you can use in your defense.

As you work on your case, you need to take each fact individually. Determine which ones you can call into question before the jury. Your goal is to try to introduce reasonable doubt into the prosecution's case.

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