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April 2018 Archives

Complex white collar crime charges demand immediate attention

White collar crimes are serious matters even though they don't have a violent element. These crimes can sometimes lead people to face federal charges. All of these charges have a few things in common. One of the most notable is that there is usually a lengthy paper trail behind the charges. This has to be dealt with as part of your defense.

5 examples of pharmacy fraud

Fraud occurs in every sector of the health care industry. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians may participate in fraudulent behavior. Owners and employees of pharmacies may face criminal consequences for committing a fraudulent scheme.

5 common types of health care fraud

Health care fraud is a prevalent issue in the United States. With people spending $2.27 trillion on health care in 2011, it only makes sense that some providers are fraudulent. Any individual or institution in the health care industry may commit fraud, including hospitals, individual providers, medical equipment suppliers, clinical laboratories and home health agencies.

Sentencing is a complex process

White collar crimes of all sorts can come with jail time for a person who is convicted. The sentencing phase of the case is often very challenging for the defendants because of the unknown. You don't know for sure if the court is going to use you as an example and hand down a hard sentence or if you will be able to have a lighter sentence.

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