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February 2018 Archives

Serious white collar crimes must be addressed right away

White collar crimes must be taken seriously because they can impact your career, freedom and finances. If you are facing this type of charge, you need to find out what options you have for a defense. One of the factors that will determine this is what type of charge you are facing.

The origin of funds that funnel into a business matters greatly

The origin of funds that funnel through a business is an important matter. This is because funds that come from illegal means can't be legally pushed through a legal business in an effort to conceal where the funds came from. The crime that this falls under is money laundering. It comes with serious penalties if you are convicted.

Criminal justice matters require you to protect your rights

No matter what type of legal matter you are facing, you have to make sure that you are protecting your rights and making decisions that you feel are in your best interests. A criminal justice case has to be taken very seriously because your freedom and ability to live in the manner you currently enjoy are at risk.

The temptations of white collar crime in New York

New York is commonly referred to as the financial capital of the United States. As such, opportunities to commit corporate and financial fraud are abundant. Sometimes just one rash or risky decision that did not seem to be that important at the time can come back to haunt you, especially if it turns out that your actions are technically illegal under New York state law.

Putting off a defense plan is dangerous in white collar crimes

White collar crime accusations must be taken seriously from the first day that you find out about them. You can't think that they are just going to go away. Typically, prosecutors are only going to levy these charges if there is ample evidence to support the charges. With this in mind, you need to jump into action right away when you know that you will have to face these charges.

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