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As a public official you are under intense scrutiny by watchdogs and held to a high standard by public opinion. Accusations of corruption — whether well-founded or not — are going to be zealously investigated. If you are under investigation for public corruption, the skilled defense attorneys at Bachner and Weiner PC are here to stand up for your rights.

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We Represent Public Officials

At Bachner and Weiner PC we handle a wide range of criminal defense cases including those involving allegations of public corruption. When public officials face criminal charges and allegations of ethics violations, they face not only criminal penalties, but the loss of their livelihood as well. This makes the need for experienced legal representation paramount.

The scope of our practice includes defending clients against such charges as:

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling public corruption cases and handle these cases with tact and discretion. We have represented numerous high-level politicians and celebrities and are sensitive to the impact these issues have in the court of law as well as the court of public opinion.

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