A Grand Jury Investigation Is Not The Time To Go With Inexperienced Attorneys

In the criminal justice system, the grand jury is a body that determines whether or not there is sufficient evidence to warrant an indictment. If you are a suspect or called as a witness in a grand jury investigation, the experienced defense attorneys at Bachner and Weiner PC can guide you through the process and work to protect you from criminal liability.

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Don't Face A Grand Jury Investigation Alone

At Bachner and Weiner PC, we handle a wide range of criminal defense issues, including representing clients who are facing grand jury investigations. If you are facing a grand jury investigation, it is wise to enlist the help of an experience criminal defense attorney, and to do so early in the process. Even if you have nothing to hide, a misstep during a grand jury investigation can expose you to unforeseen criminal liability.

Experience Handling High-Profile Cases

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling grand jury investigations for white collar crimes and other serious state and federal felonies. Many of our clients are high-profile individuals who are sensitive to the public relations impact a grand jury investigation can have. We are sensitive to this concern and handle every case with the utmost care and discretion.

For example, through extensive preparation, and his knowledge of the Grand Jury system, Mr. Bachner has defended New York Giants linebacker, Antonio Pierce, against weapons charges in the Grand Jury. We can advise you too as to document preparation, giving testimony, 5th Amendment rights and other important issues that arise at this stage in the criminal justice process.

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