Knowledgeable Legal Guidance Regarding Ponzi Schemes And Other Securities Fraud

Ponzi schemes were not created by Benard Madoff. They have existed since the original investment scams were masterminded by Charles Ponzi in the early 1900s. Knowing that these fraudulent investment techniques have been used for more than 100 years brings little comfort to those who have lost life savings and retirement funds to them.

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Were You The Victim Of Stock Or Securities Fraud?

At Bachner & Associates, our attorneys have successfully represented many clients harmed by or involved in stock fraud schemes and other securities matters. Our legal team has in-depth experience on both prosecutorial and defense sides of stock and securities fraud.

For defrauded investors, we pursue compensation and justice to the highest degree possible. We understand the frustration, embarrassment and distress involved in being taken advantage of. Our lawyers work discreetly to protect your reputation and rights while holding responsible parties accountable for stockholder loss due to one or more of the following:

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Both partners of our firm were formerly in-house lawyers for New York Stock Exchange member brokerage firms. They bring an insider's perspective and expertise to defense in investigations by the SEC, FINRA and NYSE. Because we understand, and have represented, both plaintiffs and defendants in securities fraud cases, we are able to anticipate the opposition's strategies and build stronger cases for our clients.

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