Assertively Protecting Your Rights If You Face Stock Manipulation Or Similar Charges

The stock market is extremely complex. The market is constantly fluctuating as brokers, investors, individuals and firms buy and sell stocks. In some situations, it may appear that a stock was intentionally manipulated by a broker or brokerage firm in order to make money at the expense of investors. This can lead to stock manipulation charges being filed.

Experienced Representation, Knowledgeable Attorneys

If you are facing stock manipulation charges, you need the assistance and guidance of an experienced securities lawyer. At Bachner and Weiner PC, our attorneys have been handling complicated securities litigation cases for over 30 years. Though it can be difficult for prosecutors to prove that a broker or brokerage firm is intentionally manipulating stock prices, it is essential that you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Using our experience and extensive understanding of stocks and securities cases, we can aggressively fight to stand up for your rights and protect you from the consequences of a conviction whenever possible.

Allegations Of Stock Market Manipulation

There are numerous forms of stock manipulation. One type occurs when a brokerage firm manipulates the price of a stock in order to stockpile and maintain massive amounts of shares of that stock. This activity in turn makes the stock scarce and drives up the value of the stock. Then when the stock reaches a certain price that the firm wants, the shares are sold for a large profit. This results in the price of the stock plummeting and leaving individual investors with substantial losses.

Pump-And-Dump Charges

The term "pump and dump" is used to refer to a stock scam or scheme, involving the promotion of a stock in order to provide large short-term price movements in a low-priced stock. This often occurs fraudulently, and individuals can face charges of promoting a stock in order to buy and sell stocks in certain quantities and at certain prices. We have the experience, skills, and knowledge to defend brokers in such cases.

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