Fraud Charges Are Aggressively Prosecuted, So You Need Equally Aggressive Defense Attorneys

When a crime occurs involving an individual who was intentionally deceived in order to obtain money, property or services, fraud allegations arise in many different types of situations such as by an employee at his or her place of work or a stockbroker who is trading stocks, and may result in criminal charges against the person who allegedly committed the fraud.

Are You Facing Securities Or Mail Fraud Charges?

At Bachner & Associates, P.C., in New York City, we have been handling fraud and other criminal defense matters since 1988. Our firm has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of white collar and other criminal fraud cases. We take the time to thoroughly investigate the matter and begin structuring your defense as soon as you enlist our firm. Whether the fraud case is a state or federal matter, our fraud defense attorneys can advise you of your rights and options.

Experience With All Types Of Fraud

Our attorneys confidently handle all types of financial crime and fraud matters such as:

Securities Fraud

Having handled securities litigation for over 20 years, our firm has an extensive understanding of all of the SEC rules and regulations that govern matters pertaining to stocks and securities traded on the American markets. We represent individuals, traders, brokers, brokerage firms and other parties who are facing charges, including:

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