We Make Sure Your Rights Are Fully Protected If You Face Drug Paraphernalia Charges

Drug crimes can carry serious penalties, and a conviction can damage future employment prospects or limit educational opportunities. If you are facing such charges, you may feel scared or hopeless, and unsure where to turn. With more than 30 years of experience and an excellent track record defending New Yorkers facing criminal charges, Bachner and Weiner PC, is a law firm you can trust.

Understanding Drug Paraphernalia Charges

What exactly is drug paraphernalia? The Federal Drug Paraphernalia Statute defines what constitutes drug paraphernalia, but the laws on this matter are not as clear as they might be. Much depends upon the prosecution's ability to determine the primary use of the object or objects in question.

Experience And Knowledge On Your Side

Whether you are charged only with possession of paraphernalia, or with other drug crimes as well, an effective defense is possible. We have successfully represented many residents of New York City and the surrounding areas, including many high-profile clients. Our knowledge of drug laws is both thorough and current — laws change constantly, but we are always aware of new developments that might affect our clients.

Drug charges may be prosecuted at the state or federal level. Our attorneys have significant experience arguing cases in federal court, so you can be confident that we're prepared to defend you. Whatever charges you face, we will offer aggressive defense to protect your rights and reputation.

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