You Need To Know There Is No Such Thing As A Minor Drug Charge

Not all controlled substances are the same, and New York drug laws reflect this fact. Illicit drugs (such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines), marijuana and prescription medication are all categorized differently. The criminal consequences — such as mandatory minimum sentences — differ depending on the drug in question and the quantity of the drug involved. In any case, being found in unlawful possession of a controlled substances can result in substantial criminal charges against you.

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We have been defending New Yorkers against criminal charges since 1988 and have acquired a wealth of experience that we use to develop effective defense strategies for our clients. Our experience as former prosecutors is also an asset — it allows us to consider a case from all possible angles, anticipate difficulties and build the strongest possible case for our clients.

Constructive Possession Versus Physical Possession

In order for you to be convicted of a drug crime, the court must find that you have either physical or constructive possession of the substance. Physical possession is precisely what it sounds like — the substance was on your person, or in your vehicle or premises. Constructive possession involves having control over the place where the drugs were found, or over the person who had the drugs, and does not require the accused to have been physically present.

Different types of possession will lead to different defense strategies. Depending on the circumstances in your particular case, it may be possible to claim — for example — a lack of knowledge, or that your possession was temporary or lawful. We will work with you to investigate all aspects of your case and develop effective defensive strategies.

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