Do You Understand The Penalties For Perjury? We Do — And How To Defend Against Charges

Have you been accused of lying or withholding information while under oath? The penalties for committing perjury are severe and prosecutors will push hard for a conviction. If you are facing these charges, the attorneys at Bachner & Associates, P.C. are here to stand up for your rights.

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Perjury And False Statements Defense

At Bachner & Associates, P.C., we handle a wide range of criminal defense matters including cases involving perjury and false statements.

Mr. Bachner represented former New York City Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, as well as the business manager for rap star L'il Kim against false statement and perjury indictments. Perjury does always occur in a courtroom. Making false statements to law enforcement officials, impeding investigations by withholding information and lying on official documents are also acts punishable by law.

Knowledge And Experience On Your Side

Making false statements by accident on paperwork such as tax returns or loan applications is dangerously easy to do. Even while giving oral testimony, it is often difficult to recount events accurately and remember exactly what happened. These gaps in memory may be misrepresented as lies by the prosecution.

But to win a conviction, the prosecution must prove you knowingly and willingly lied or left out information. Our attorneys are former prosecutors and understand the tactics the opposition will use against you to win a perjury conviction. We know the law and will do everything in our power to help you win a favorable result.

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