Money Laundering Charges Require Sophisticated Legal Defense From Experienced Attorneys

Provisions of the Patriot Act (Public Law 107-56) place a variety of financial transactions under great scrutiny. As such, "suspicious" activity is regularly reported and prosecuted. If you or someone you know is facing white collar crime charges involving money laundering or other fraudulent activity, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Consider Bachner and Weiner PC for the strong legal help you need during this time. Call 877-388-6461 to learn more.

Manhattan Embezzlement Defense Lawyers

The federal government closely monitors certain types of financial transactions. Our firm has in-depth knowledge of the various financial situations that may pose legal trouble for you if not done precisely correctly. Our lawyers apply the appropriate methods to build a strong defense on behalf of our clients. Our firm is familiar with virtually all types of money laundering charges, including those related to the following:

In some situations, money laundering charges may run concurrent with other allegations of fraudulent activity. This activity can involve narcotics offenses such as drug trafficking as well as U.S. customs violations. You do not have to face a criminal charge alone.

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Money laundering cases are complex, and demand representation from a highly-qualified attorney with experience handling fraud cases. To learn more about how the New York City firm of Bachner and Weiner PC can help you, call us at 917-639-5370 or toll-free at 877-388-6461 to arrange your consultation. You can also complete our online contact form.