Domestic Violence Charges Can Wreak Havoc On Your Life

We Protect Your Rights Through Proactive Legal Representation

With a single call to the police, a domestic dispute becomes a serious legal matter. If you find yourself accused of domestic violence, you face a wide range of consequences, including jail time and probation. You may lose the right to see your own family. If you need help fighting these charges, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Bachner & Associates, P.C. are here to stand up for your rights.

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Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

At Bachner & Associates, P.C., we handle a wide range of criminal defense issues, including those involving charges of spousal abuse and domestic violence charges. Prosecutors push hard for convictions in domestic violence cases and the need for a strong, proactive defense is paramount. Our attorneys are former prosecutors who understand how to fight these charges and help our clients win freedom from the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Restraining Order Defense

Many domestic violence accusations result in the issuance of a protective order (or restraining order) against the accused. A temporary protection order can keep you from entering your own home and seeing your children. Without quality criminal defense, the court may make the order permanent, impacting your life for years to come. Our lawyers have successfully defended protective order requests and will work tirelessly to protect your rights.

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