The Lawyers To Turn To When You Face Conspiracy Charges In New York

You don't have to commit the underlying crime to be convicted of conspiracy. The prosecution must only prove that you "had intent" to commit a crime and agreed with somebody else to carry out criminal activity. Sometimes an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy is required. If you are facing conspiracy charges, the knowledgeable defense lawyers at Bachner and Weiner PC, are here to stand up for your rights.

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Conspiracy Defense Solutions

At Bachner and Weiner PC, we handle a wide range of criminal defense cases, including those involving allegations of conspiracy. The consequences of a conspiracy conviction can be harsh, and generally depend on the severity of the crime alleged to have been conspired.

Conspiracy charges can rise in conjunction with a wide range of crimes, including:

Experience With Complex Cases

Prosecutors will often tack a charge of conspiracy on to an existing charge to increase potential penalties. Our attorneys have significant experience handing criminal defense cases in state and federal courts throughout New York. As former prosecutors, we know how law enforcement officials handle conspiracy cases and know how to build compelling cases for our clients. After more than 30 years, we have acquired an excellent reputation and a record of positive outcomes for our clients.

Conspiracy charges do carry heavy penalties, and the addition of these charges to your others represents an unfortunate turn in your case. But the burden of proof for prosecutors is very heavy, and lawyers with experience in this area of law — like those at our firm — can handle such cases effectively and efficiently. It is crucial, however, to choose defense attorneys with experience in this particular area of law, and with the broad-based knowledge to handle any other charges you may be facing.

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