The Lawyers You Need When You Face Child Pornography Charges In New York

Child pornography allegations put your reputation, your job and even your family relationships in peril. If you have been accused of possessing or distributing child pornography, the experienced defense lawyers at Bachner and Weiner PC are here to stand up for your rights. Mr. Bachner has represented a variety of persons charged with possession and distribution of child pornography, including CEOS and executives of major companies, and members of the clergy.

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Fighting Child Pornography Charges

At Bachner and Weiner PC, we handle a wide range of criminal defense cases including those involving accusations of child pornography and other sex crimes.

Possession of child pornography is illegal under both federal and state laws. Federal law enforcement officials relentlessly search for child pornography on the Internet and the people who traffic and possess that material. But the zealous nature of law enforcement and the fact that many people are unaware of pornographic images on their computers can lead to innocent people getting caught in the child pornography dragnet.

Our Prosecution Experience Helps Us Defend You

Our attorneys understand the severity of these charges and the importance of handling these cases with care and discretion. As former prosecutors, we know how law enforcement officials build cases against alleged sex offenders — and we know how to tear those cases down. We will work to ensure you are spared from the consequences of a criminal conviction.

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