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Know how your defense options impact your life now and later

Facing criminal charges of any sort can throw a wrench in the plans you made for your life. The difficulty of dealing with these situations is affected by the type of charge you face. Dealing with a misdemeanor isn't going to require quite as much effort as you would put into a fighting against a felony charge. This doesn't mean that you should just ignore a misdemeanor and let the chips fall where they may. Instead, you must take immediate action for any criminal charges.

The difference between violations, misdemeanors and felonies

Figuring out the New York criminal system can be pretty difficult if you aren't familiar with the terminology being used -- and being in a courtroom where everyone is throwing around words that are meaningless to you can be confusing and intimidating.

White collar crimes and similar crimes have significant penalties

In our previous blog posts, we have discussed some white collar crimes. In the most recent one, we discussed a securities crime case. In all of these cases, the defendants aren't automatically assumed to be guilty by the court. Instead, they have the right to present a defense against the charges in an effort to show that they aren't guilty.

Understand what can occur in a criminal justice trial

Many criminal cases are resolved before they ever make it to a trial. For the ones that do end up going to trial, there are often some misconceptions about what happens during these trials. It is imperative that any defendant who is taking their case to trial have a basic understanding of what will happen during the trial.

Social media posts can get defendants in trouble

More and more, law enforcement is relying on social media as a major investigative tool, and the courts are going with it because most social media use is not actually private in a legal sense. While it might be possible to post whatever you like online without worrying that unintended people will see it if you are a privacy and security guru, for most people social media is an area where private thoughts are discussed semi-publicly. That's where legal trouble can start. If you are involved in criminal proceedings, your current and past social media are likely to be included in the investigation.

Why are jurors excluded from a case?

All Americans have a right to a fair trial when accused of crimes and facing charges. The entire legal system is based around the idea that people are to be presumed innocent unless they are found guilty in court, often by a jury of their peers. This jury is meant to be impartial and free from bias.

What are the impacts of a criminal charge?

Facing any type of criminal charge is something that can affect every aspect of your life in a negative manner. The social stigma that is associated with many criminal charges is something that is hard to overcome, even if you aren't convicted. Because of these considerations, it is important that you fight back if you are facing criminal charges.

Know how plea deals can affect you in the future

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the points you should know about plea bargains. The points that we discussed are very important because you should make sure that you know all you can about plea deals before you consider one. If you are presented with an offer for a plea deal, you have to think about every point that it contains.

What should I know about plea bargains in criminal cases?

Criminal justice cases don't always go as they appear to occur on television and in the movies. In fact, it is estimated that less than 10 percent of criminal cases actually go to a trial. Many criminal cases, estimated at more than 90 percent of cases, are resolved through the use of plea bargains. These agreements between the defense and the prosecution are actually very interesting for people who take the time to learn about them.

War against white collar crimes may intensify, according to experts

A group of distinguished academic and legal professionals from throughout the world gathered recently to discuss current enforcement efforts against white collar crime. According to those attending this meeting, these enforcement efforts are failing to properly hold those who are accused of committing these crimes accountable for their actions. As a result, these professionals contend that enforcement efforts are failing to properly deter these crimes.

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